We love LOVE! We celebrate and we love being part of every brides love story. We are in Fourways, Johannesburg. We believe in providing the best service and showcasing the most luxurious dresses in Gauteng.

Over the last year we have been working tirelessly on our 2024  collection which is now available in store to fit. We import all our dresses, and they are custom made, which takes a about 6-8 months to place our orders. We encourage our lovely brides to come in store at least 10 months in advance to avoid rush orders on their dresses (which we do at a fee of course) We do have a wide range of samples in store available for fittings and all the Johannesburg and Pretoria brides that want to hire dresses come to us!

When you buy or rent a dress form us, you make a stand. Its more than the elegance, quality, the glitz and glam, it’s about the person you are. Each purchase/ hire helps girls around the world make informed decisions about their future including if, when and whom to marry. Silk Stitches Dress sales/hire help fund our ongoing commitment to supporting one of Kukaya Foundation’s initiative to end child marriage.

Consider purchasing with purpose!

Our team is trained on diversity and inclusion, and this helps us celebrate diversity and every bride is welcome. We are committed to make our brides happy and to improve and support their journey.

We cant wait to meet you.

Silk Stitches Team

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday:  9am – 4.30pm

Saturday: 8am – 2.30pm

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